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Found carved in a cave several hundred meters depth under Attica, estimated at least four thousand years old, is believed to be linked to the theory of the hollow earth linking Athens, the then believed center of the civilized world, with the Hyperborean Thule of Pytheas the explorer.

The same sign was used by several ancient civilizations, amongst them the ancient Minoans of Crete as a symbol of the labyrinth and link to utopian worlds – also portrayed on the coin below (Tetradrachm from Knossos, Crete, 1st millennium BC.):

The “tetraskelion” or “tetragammadion” was practically used since 10,000 BC and by every major ancient civilization symbolizing, good luck, well-being, wealth, desire, liberation, a shield from evil, perpetual motion, the sun, fire, power, strength, dignity, infinity, time, eternity, the endless cycle of birth, rebirth, life over death, regeneration, spiritualism, mysticism, the four cardinal corners of the world, the guardianship of the world, the cosmos.


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